Social Cues in Robot Interaction, Trust and Acceptance (SCRITA)

The workshop will be held in conjunction with IEEE RO-MAN 2018, Nanjing-Tai'An, China, August 27-September 1, 2018.

Statement of objectives – intended audience

This Workshop will focus on human users' trust in robots. We aim to explore difference aspects of Human-Robot Interaction that can affect, enhance, undermine and recovery of humans' trust in robots, such as the use of social cues, behaviour transparency (goals and actions), etc.. In particular, this session will bring together leading researchers in the fields to share and discuss ideas and findings to guide the design and development of robots that human users would accept and trust.

Invited Speakers

  1. Emilia Barakova, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  2. Paul Robinette, MIT

Special Issue (confirmed!)

Authors of the accepted papers to the workshop will be invitated to submit an extended/revised version to a Special Issue of Interaction Studies - Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systems Journal.


  • Social Cues in Robot Interaction, Trust and Acceptance has been published as Volume 20, Issue 3 of Interaction Studies, containing 6 articles.

  • The Special Issue deadline has been extended to 06/12/2018.

  • The schedule has been updated in the programme.

  • The submission deadline has been extended to 01/07/2018.

  • RO-MAN organizers decided that all workshops (including this) will take place at the main conference location in NanJing instead of the previously announced Tai'An.