Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Human-Robot Interaction - SCRITA

This workshop will be a half day event on 31st August 2023, in conjunction with the IEEE RO-MAN 2023 conference, held in Busan, Korea.

Statement of Objectives

People's ability of accepting and trusting robots is fundamental for a fruitful and successful coexistence between humans and robots. While advanced progress is made in studying and evaluating the factors affecting people's acceptance and trust in robots in controlled or short-term (repeated interactions) settings,, developing service and personal robots that are accepted and trusted by people still presents an open challenge for scientists in robotics, AI and HRI. In such unstructured static and dynamic human-centred environments scenarios, robots should be able to learn and adapt their behaviours to the situational context, but also to people's prior experiences and learned associations, their expectations, and their and the robot's ability to predict and understand each other's behaviours. This workshop focuses on identifying the challenges and dynamics between people and robots to foster short interactions and long-lasting relationships in different fields, from educational, service, collaborative, companion, care-home and medical robotics. For that, this workshop aims to facilitate a discussion about people's trust towards robots “in the wild”, inviting workshop participants to contribute their past experiences and lessons learnt.

Moreover, from previous editions and recent literature, it is also clear that the field of HRI field lacks measures that can effectively and unmistakably assess people's trust in robots. Several questionnaires exist, however, most of them are adapted from different fields or different purposes, or they are created ad-hoc by the experimenters. In the first case, measures do not always reflect appropriately, while in the latter case, questions might be ambiguous and their interpretation is left to the individual participant. Moreover, they do not always consider the variety of factors affecting trust, and, as a consequence, fail to comprehensively represent such trust. In this workshop, we will therefore work together with leading researchers and exceptional speakers from various fields to not only produce groundbreaking research to effectively design socially acceptable and trustable robots to be deployed “in the wild” but also jointly develop novel methods to assess people's trust towards them.

Audience and Topics

The workshop will be open to a broad audience from academia and industry researching social robotics, machine learning, robot behavioural control, and user-profiling. Moreover, since one of the purposes of this workshop will be to draft a questionnaire that researchers can use to assess the different aspects that influence people’s acceptance of and trust in robots, we will also invite researchers from other fields. In particular, we want to integrate psychologists and sociologists’ insights and experiences from a multidisciplinary and human-focused point of view.

We will foster the exchange of insights on past and ongoing research and contribute to the discussion of innovative ideas for tackling unresolved issues by providing new and inspirational directions of research, see submissions for some of topics of interests.


  • 23-11-09 SCRITA 2023 proceedings have been published on arXiv.
  • 23-08-21 We have published the final schedule but unfortunately needed to cancel the keynote talk.
  • 23-06-30 Submission deadlines extended: Submission of contributions now possible until 20 July 2023.
  • 23-06-13 The workshop will be held on 31st August at 13:10 (local time).
  • 23-03-22: The sixth iteration of SCRITA Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Human-Robot Interaction has been accepted at RO-MAN 2023 in Busan, Korea.
  • 23-02-08: Jessie Y.C. Chen has confirmed to give a keynote talk at SCRITA 2023.